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13. Texas A&M University Engineering Newsletter, Solving the solid Crude oil problem, LINK

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6. Berna Hascakir explores new methods of thermal recovery, Aug. 12, 2014. LINK

5. Research from Middle East Technical University yields new findings on hydrologic engineering, Energy Weekly News, Aug. 27, 2010. LINK

4. Study Data from Stanford University Update Knowledge of Oil and Gas Research, Energy Weekly News, Nov. 21, 2008. LINK

3. Proposed Extraction Process may have economic and environmental benefits, Science Daily, Sep. 24, 2008. LINK

2. New hope for tapping vast domestic reserves of oil shale, Phys & Org, Sep. 22, 2008.  LINK

1. Researchers Develop Process That Could Result in Higher Yield from Oil Shale, Green Car Congress, Sep. 22, 2008.  LINK

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