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Current Members (6 PhD, 0 MS, 3 MEng, and 3 Undergraduate Students)

Norasyikin Ismail, PhD, Expected Graduation: December 2018

I investigate the role of saturates, aromatics, resins, and asphaltenes (SARA) fractions on the combustion kinetics for In-situ Combustion (ISC) . I study the relationship between combustion kinetics and coke/fuel formation and consumption for heavy oil and bitumen reservoirs.
I have published 1 Journal Paper and 4 Conference Papers from my PhD work so far

Murtdha Alshaikh, PhD, Expected Graduation: August 2019

I work on surfactant-steam flooding and investigate how polar fractions of crude oil impact the performance of surfactants. 

I have published 2 Conference Papers from my PhD work so far

Roly Simangunsong, PhD, Expected Graduation: August 2019

I work on the full field modelling of steam flooding and steam assisted gravity drainage for an Alaskan oil field. I mainly investigate accurate modeling of reservoir heterogeneity.

Lifu Zhang, PhD, Expected Graduation: August 2019

I investigate water-rock interaction to better engineer hydraulic fracturing fluids for Eagle Ford Formation and enhance fracture network map in Eagle Ford Formation.

I have published 1 Conference Paper from my PhD work so far

Matthew Morte, PhD, Expected Graduation: December 2020

My research focuses on heating unconventional reservoirs with electromagnetic waves. 

I have published 3 Conference Papers from my PhD work so far

I work on complex flow mechanisms in pipelines

Currently we do not have any Master of Science Students

Scott James Badham, MEng, Expected Graduation: August 2018

Thesis Title: TBD

Kevin Volz, MEng, Expected Graduation: May 2020

Harry Liu, MEng, Expected Graduation: December 2019

I work on dielectric heating 

Connor Pope

I work on combustion

Rohit Singh

I work on in-situ combustion

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Previous Members (3 PhD, 15 MS, 2 MEng, & 18 Undergraduate Students)
A. Graduated PhD Students

Dissertation Title: Flow Control Devices in SAGD Completion Design: Enhanced Heavy Oil/Bitumen Recovery Through Improved Thermal Efficiency. LINK

Dr. Banerjee has published 3 Journal Papers and 4 Conference Papers from his PhD work.

Dissertation Title: Factors Affecting Asphaltenes Stability 

Dr. Punase has published 3 Journal Papers and 9 Conference Papers from his PhD work. Also, he has an issued patent.

Dissertation Title: Emulsion Formation Mechanism for Steam & Solvent-Steam Processes for Bitumen Recovery

Dr. Kar has published 3 Journal Papers and 6 Conference Papers from her PhD work.

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B. Graduated MS Students

Thesis Title: Effect of Initial Oil Saturation on In-Situ Combustion Performance of a Canadian Bitumen. LINK

Denis has published 2 Journal Papers and 3 Conference Papers from his MS work.

Thesis Title: An Experimental Investigation of Water Influence on Dry Forward In-Situ Combustion. LINK 

Philipp has published 1 Journal Paper and 2 Conference Papers from his MS study.

Thesis Title: Reducing the Environmental Impact of Bitumen Extraction with ES-SAGD Process. LINK

Albina has published 3 Journal Papers and 4 Conference Papers from her MS study.

Thesis Title: Thermally Induced Wettability Change during SAGD for Oil Sand Extraction, December 2014. LINK

Yasin has published 1 Journal Paper and 1 Conference Paper from his MS study.

Thesis Title: Physicochemical Interactions of Source-Rocks with Injected Water-Based Fluids

Zaid has published 1 Journal Paper and 1 Conference Paper from his MS study. LINK